Impact crusher also named impactor crusher or impact crushing machine is designed by the impact principle to crush stuff.

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Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher Overview

Impact crusher is designed according to the impact principle to crush stuff. Actually it is a new high-efficiency crusher, which is improved on the basis of hammer crusher. Impact crusher can be used to crush limestone, asbestos ore, coal, quartz sand, calcium carbide, dolomite, iron sulfide ore and so on. It can be applied to coarse crushing, medium crushing or fine crushing. Now our PF series impact crusher can meet the requirements for output size and capacity, especially for aggregate gradation of asphalt concrete on skid-resistant surface in high-grade road, as well as the requested capacity above 100T/H to process hard stone such as basalt, andesine.

Impact Crusher Benefits

Impact crusher benefits: Simple structure, Non-key Connection, high chromium Flat Hammer, special impact plate, simplified crushing process, and high-efficiency and energy conservation, Cubic Shape for the final products. The discharge opening can be adjusted. It is widely used in water and electricity, expressway, sand and stone, crushing fields.

Impact Crusher Characters

1. High crushing ratio: the crushing ratio of impact crusher is about 30-40,even the max can be 150.While the max ratio of other crushers is less than 10. High crushing ratio:the crushing ratio of impact crusher is about 30-40,even the max can be 150.While the max ratio of other crushers is less than 10.
2. High crushing efficiency, low energy consumption: for impact strength of normal stuff is far lower than compressive strength, at the same time, when stuff is impacted by high-speed hammer and impact plate, stuff is crushed firstly along the joint interface and weak & vulnerable organization. Therefore its crushing efficiency is high and electric energy consumption is low.

3. Homogeneous final product size, less excessive comminution. In the crushing process, larger stuff is crushed to a great extent, while smaller one is not crushed under some circumstances, so there is homogeneous final product size and less excessive comminution.
Selectively crushed. In the impact crushing process, useful minerals and gangue are firstly crushed along the joint interface in order to facilitate the separation of useful minerals, especially for coarse crushing of useful minerals, which is more remarkable.

4. Great adaptability. Impact crusher can be used to process brittle stone, fibrous stone and medium hard stone, particularly suitable for brittle stone such as limestone, so it is proper to use impact crusher in cement and chemical industry. Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy maintenance.
For the above advantages, impact crusher is widely used all over the world. However if to process hard stone, the hammer and impact plate will be badly worn. In addition, impact crusher is a crushing equipment making use of high-speed rotation and impact, so it has high requirements for precision of mechanical parts, and also for static balance and dynamic balance in order to extend the service life.

5. Use and maintenance. In normal use, the operator adjusts the radial clearance between impact plate and hammer mainly according to wear pattern of hammer and final product size. With hammer worn, the final product will be gradually coarse. At present, our hammer and impact plant is made of high manganese steel.
In addition, the bearing of impact crusher should be installed strictly in accordance with our factory’s regulation, checking and adjusting the clearance of bearing and lubricating device, timely replacing sealing ring in order to ensure the normal operation of bearing.

Impact Crusher Specification

Model Spec.(mm) Feeder Opening(mm) Max. Feeding Size (mm) Crushing Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(KW) Weight(t)
PF-1010 Φ1000×1050 400×1080 350 50-80 55-75 12.6
PF-1210 Φ1250×1050 400×1080 350 70-120 110-132 14
PF-1214 Φ1250×1400 400×1430 350 80-160 132-160 18.6
PF-1315 Φ1300×1500 860×1520 350 160-260 180-260 24.2
PFV-1010 Φ1000×1050 400×1080 350 60-100 55-75 13.2
PFV-1210 Φ1250×1050 400×1080 350 70-150 110-132 15.2
PFV-1214 Φ1250×1400 400×1430 350 100-200 132-160 18.6
PFV-1315 Φ1320×1500 860×1520 350 150-300 180-220 24.5
Note: This specification is just reference, any changes are subject to the impact crusher products.